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Central Heating Systems & Air-Conditioners

Heating systems

We find the optimal heating system for you! We design safe heating systems so that they:
  • take account of actual heat requirement
  • produce heat efficiently: central as decentralized
  • adjust themselves to the needs in optimal way (adjustment, thermostat valves)
  • persuade by simple operation and comfort
  • are space-saving and can be installed everywhere.
We can also mount heating radiators at your option fast, neatly and professionally. This applies both for new buildings and reconstruction projects. Do you have special orders? Ask us, because actually there numerous opportunities for styling and installation in the heating engineering.

Here are some examples from variety of our heating boilers:

Heating boiler units running on solid fuel

Central boiler units of this type are the systems that can burn the following fuel materials:
  • Coal
  • Shells of walnuts and hazelnuts
  • Woods

Central heating boiler units running on liquid fuel

Central Heating Systems & Air-Conditioners Central boiler units of this type are the systems in which the following liquid fuels can be used:
  • Fuel oil
  • Diesel fuel
  • Natural gas
  • Propane

Air-conditioning systems

Whether you are home or in the office, right indoor climate is an important component of your everyday well-being. It affects not only your subjective perception, but also physical fitness and health. Working with water or air, suitable for separate or several (for example, office) premises, mounted inside or outside, our modern and economical air-conditioning systems provide healthy atmosphere in any type of area all year round. Learn by experience how you can distinctly improve quality of life and work in your area with air-conditioners.

Certainly we offer maintenance of our heating and air-conditioning systems, carry out necessary repair and deliver spare parts to you.
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