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Tramco PVC & Aluminium Windows and Doors

Either it's a newly-erected house or renovation of existing buildings, ones asks over and over again, "Which material should I use?" Aluminium or PVC, we build windows and doors at your measurements. As this is an investment for many years, both materials (aluminium and PVC) feature outstanding characteristics that meet all requirements of the house-owner.

Tramco PVC & Aluminium Fenster und Türen From health point of view, PVC is a superior and long-lasting product compared to wood, metal and other materials. PVC is durable and safe; it looks like new for a long time and doesn't lose anything from it's appearance.

The quality of Proline products is documented.

Aluminium windows
  • last for generations
  • are perfectly installed
  • durably isolate

Wärmeisolierung mit Doppelglas-Fenstern

Heating Insulation with Double-Glazed Windows

With applied technology of windows double glazing from Tramco
  • heating costs are reduced due to optimal heating insulation of buildings
  • environmental noise pollution is minimized
  • their economical use is guaranteed for many years due to no maintenance cost
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